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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Publication of Interest

Yes, I should be blogging about a leaked SCOTUS opinion. BUT, my junior associate got his ear tubes removed early this morning and we have been snuggling, attempting to nap, and watching a lot of cartoons. Here is information on a recent publication that might be of interest.

Volume 1 of The Unending Conversation at Stetson is live! You can access it here: The Unending Conversation is a project of  Stetson’s Institute for the Advancement of Legal Communication led by Professor Anne Mullins.  A volume of the Stetson Law Review Forum is dedicated exclusively to legal writing and feature essays that are directly responsive to extant legal writing scholarship.

Volume 1 features thought-provoking essays from Rebekah Hanley (Oregon), Kim Ricardo (UIC), Amy Soled (Rutgers), and Kathy Stanchi (UNLV). Among other things:

  • Professor Hanley takes a decidedly pro-plagiarism stance in her piece.
  • Professor Ricardo argues for an end to discrimination in the legal academy through solutions grounded in substantive equality.
  • Professor Soled roundly rejects a recent claim of protectionism within the discipline.
  • Professor Stanchi challenges the legal writing community to examine deductive reasoning more deeply to reveal potential bias.

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