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Friday, February 11, 2022

Appellate Advocacy Blog Weekly Roundup Friday, February 11


Each week, the Appellate Advocacy Blog Weekly Roundup presents a few tidbits of news and Twitter posts from the past week concerning appellate advocacy. As always, if you see something during the week that you think we should be sure to include, feel free to send a quick note to either (1) Dan Real at or on Twitter (@Daniel_L_Real) or (2) Catharine Du Bois at or on Twitter @CLDLegalWriting.

SCOTUS Opinions and News:
  • SCOTUS is currently on break from hearing cases.  Nonetheless, there was activity at the Court this past week, particularly concerning a Voting Rights Act case from Alabama on the "shadow docket" and continued public discourse about President Biden's plans for nominating a replacement for retiring Justice Breyer.
  • Earlier this week, in a 5-4 vote on a case on the "shadow docket," SCOTUS reinstated an Alabama voting map despite the lower court's ruling that the map violates the Voting Rights Act and dilutes black votes.  The ruling allows Alabama to institute the redistricting plan that is being challenged as illegal gerrymandering while the state prepares for primary elections in May.  The Court set the matter for oral argument sometime next fall, after the elections have already occurred.  More from SCOTUSblog.  


  • President Biden is continuing his search for a Supreme Court nominee to replace retiring Justice Breyer.  He spoke with Lester Holt of NBC news about his continued "deep dive" into potential candidates and his belief that his nominee will garner support from both sides of the political aisle.  More from NBC News 
Federal Appellate Court Opinions and News:
  • The Fifth Circuit this week declined to block an order of a lower court ruling that President Biden could not require federal employees to be vaccinated against coronavirus.  More from Reuters.
Appellate Jobs:
  • The Snohomish County, Washington, Prosecuting Attorney's Office is hiring a Senior Appellate Deputy Prosecuting Attorney to represent the State in appeals of felony convictions in the Washington Court of Appeals and Washington Supreme Court.  The job posting will remain open until filled.  More information HERE.

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