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Monday, July 26, 2021

What is the Future of the Legal Practice?

In the legal practice and in legal academia we seem to all be waiting to see what the "new normal" will be post-COVID. I think that most people agree that there will be more remote work and more remote legal education. Although I was initially critical of online law teaching, I have come around to support it--partially because I think that we need to prepare our students to practice in this increasingly digital/remote world.  To that end, I have spent the last year working on a book on online law teaching, which will be in print soon.

Last week, my co-editor, Tracy Norton, and I hosted an online conference on the book. The first panel looked at the future of law practice, and it was a star-studded cast:

The video from that panel is now up on the conference website. I anyone interested in this topic to check it out.

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