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Monday, January 18, 2021

Vol. 21, Issue 1 of the Journal of Appellate Practice & Process

I have been an errant blogger.  Of the many projects occupying my time, getting out the most recent issue of The Journal of Appellate Practice & Process has been near the top of the list.  I am happy to say that the issue is almost done and will hopefully be online this week.

When the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law acquired the Journal, one of our goals was to make it a free online resource. The Journal will be available at At that site, you can sign up to receive email notifications about new issues. While we don't yet have the full archives up, we hope to have them soon.

What can you expect in the first digital issue of the Journal? Well, the articles are pretty exciting and timely.  Here is a sneak peak at the table of contents:


Jon O. Newman

On Reasonableness: The Many Meanings of the Law’s Most Ubiquitous Concept             

Thomas L. Hudson

Structuring Appellate Briefs                            

Luke Burton

Less is More: One Law Clerk’s Case Against Lengthy Judicial Opinions               

Timothy R. Johnson

Maron W. Sorenson

Maggie Cleary

Katie Szarkowicz

COVID-19 and Supreme Court Oral Argument: The Curious Case of Justice Clarence Thomas                                             

Margaret D. McGaughey

Remote Oral Argument in the Age of Coronavirus: A Blip on the Screen or a Permanent Fixture?                                       

Pierre H. Bergeron

COVID-19, Zoom, and Appellate Oral Argument: Is the Future Virtual?                



Michael Daly Hawkins

Clerks in the Time of Coronavirus (With Apologies to Gabriel García Márquez)        

I plan on blogging about the articles once the issue is published.  Keep a lookout on the website and watch your email for an announcement that the issue is online.

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