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Monday, January 27, 2020

The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process Needs a New Home

I recently learned about an exciting opportunity for a law school or law firm interested in appellate advocacy--the Journal of Appellate Practice and Process needs a new home. The Journal has been housed for the past twenty years at the University of Arkansas Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law.  However, the longtime editor of the Journal is retiring. 

According to the Journal's website

The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process is a professionally edited publication that provides a forum for creative thought and dialogue about the operation of appellate courts and their influence on the development of the law. Every state and federal appellate judge in the United States receives a complimentary copy of each issue, as do the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. The Journal also goes by subscription to practitioners, academics, and law libraries.

According to a "fast facts" sheet, the Journal has published articles from:

  • United States Supreme Court Justices;
  • United States Solicitors General;
  • State supreme court judges and justices;
  • Federal and state intermediate appellate judges;
  • Foreign supreme court judges and justices; and (of course)
  • Academics

Volume 19 of the Journal, which is online, contains an article from Judge Jon O. Newman and two articles from Dan  Schweitzer, the Director of the National Association for Attorneys General (NAAG) Center for Supreme Court Advocacy.

If you are interested in housing the Journal, you can fill out this form

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