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Friday, January 24, 2020

Appellate Advocacy Blog Weekly Roundup, January 24


Each week, the Appellate Advocacy Blog Weekly Roundup presents a few tidbits of news and Twitter posts from the past week concerning appellate advocacy. As always, if you see something during the week that you think we should be sure to include, feel free to send a quick note to either (1) Dan Real at or on Twitter (@Daniel_L_Real) or (2) Catharine Du Bois at or on Twitter @CLDLegalWriting.

US Supreme Court Opinions and News:

Federal Appellate Court Opinions and News:

  • Last week, in the Third Circuit, a prosecutor began oral argument in a case the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had appealed to challenge the trial court’s grant of habeas relief for ineffective assistance of trial counsel by telling the court that he no longer believed that the trial court had committed error and that he did not want to waste the court’s time making an argument that he no longer felt good about.

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