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Friday, September 21, 2018

Appellate Advocacy Blog Weekly Roundup Friday, September 21, 2018


Each week, the Appellate Advocacy Blog Weekly Roundup presents a few tidbits of news and Twitter posts from the past week concerning appellate advocacy. As always, if you see something during the week that you think we should be sure to include, feel free to send Dan a quick email or a message on Twitter (@Daniel_L_Real).

North Carolina Bar Association announcement:  The North Carolina Bar Association, FEMA, Young Lawyers Division of the ABA, and Legal Aid of North Carolina, with support from the North Carolina Bar Foundation, are collaborating to provide immediate pro bono legal assistance to survivors of Hurricane Florence through the North Carolina Disaster Legal Services program.  More details and information about how to volunteer are available HERE

 Supreme Court Opinions and News:

 “Supreme Court Sleeper Term Could Have Far Reaching Effects” – article from Bloomberglaw discusses that this might be “the year of the ‘sleeper’ case at the U.S. Supreme Court” with a significant number of cases that are low-profile, but with potentially far-reaching implications.  

Kavanaugh Confirmation News:

Washington Post Column by Margaret Sullivan (@Sulliview) offering perspective that the sexual misconduct allegations raised against Kavanaugh are not a suspicious 11th-hour bombshell because we are not in the 11th-hour.  

Kavanaugh and his accuser have both indicated a willingness to testify concerning the allegation of sexual misconduct in Kavanaugh’s past.  Washington Post; New York Times; LA Times.

Last week, after the allegations of sexual misconduct in Kavanaugh’s past surfaced alleging that he had attempted to sexually assault a woman while in high school, supporters of Kavanaugh presented a letter from a number of women Kavanaugh went to high school with who indicated that the allegation was inconsistent with the Brett Kavanaugh they had known.  Now, more than 200 other women who went to high school with him have signed on to a letter indicating that the allegations are “all too consistent with stories [they] heard and lived while attending” high school with Kavanaugh and indicating that “[m]any of [them] are survivors [them]selves.”  

Federal Appellate Court Opinions and News:

Reuters has an analysis of President Trump’s appointment of judges to the federal judiciary (including the federal appellate courts) at a record pace and how it may tilt the ideological balance on several appeals courts in a more conservative direction.  

State Appellate Court Opinions and News:

The 2017-18 term marked the end of an era at the Iowa Supreme Court, when Justice Bruce Zager retired and former District Judge Susan Christensen was appointed to replace him.  That was the first change in personnel in the Iowa Supreme Court in nearly a decade, after Iowa voters removed three justices in a retention election.  See more here.

Practice Pointers:

The September 2018 edition of Appellate Issues, a publication of the ABA Council of Appellate Lawyers, is now available HERE. It contains a summary of the programming from the 2017 AJEI Summit from last November.  Relatedly, registration is now open for the 2018 AJEI Summit to be held in Atlanta in November, HERE. This year’s Summit will feature a panel with Chief Judge Dillard moderated by Howard Bashman/ How Appealing.  HT: How Appealing.

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