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Friday, June 15, 2018

Appellate Advocacy Blog Weekly Roundup June 15, 2018

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Each week, the Appellate Advocacy Blog Weekly Roundup presents a few tidbits of news and Twitter posts from the past week concerning appellate advocacy. As always, if you see something during the week that you think we should be sure to include, feel free to send Dan a quick email at or a message on Twitter(@Daniel_L_Real). You can also send emails to Danny Leavitt at or a message on twitter @Danny_C_Leavitt

In Supreme Court news, a 7-2 vote in Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky held that Minnesota's ban on political apparel at polling places violated the First Amendment's free speech clause. Justice Roberts authored the opinion, and Justice Sotomayor authored a dissent in which Justice Breyer joined. Articles about the case are here, here, and here. Other coverage of the case can be found at SCOTUSblog, here.

Other Supreme Court news includes a 5-4 vote in Hughes v. United States. The Court decided whether the process Ohio uses to remove voters on change-of-residence grounds violates the National Voter Registration Act. Amy Howe at SCOTUSblog has this take on the case. 

And a noteworthy appellate tidbit from @AdamSFeldman's Twitter post sharing a piece by Warren D. Wolfson on oral arguments.

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