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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#TwitterTuesday--Substance & Mechanics


For some substance on a variety of legal issues, make sure to follow the Volokh Conspiracy (@VolokhC) for the latest articles. With relevant topics, both politically and legally, ranging from the legal implications of fake news to warrantless email surveillance, there are always new subjects to explore.

Orin Kerr (@OrinKerr) is a law professor at George Washington University, a part-time lawyer, and blogger for the Volokh Conspiracy. While tweets include some of the latest articles on the blog, Kerr also shares newsworthy court decisions in important appellate cases as well as other articles related to appellate practice.

For procedure and the mechanics of appellate practice, check out Counsel Press (@CounselPress), an appellate services provider who shares updates concerning both state and federal appellate courts. Tweets include information from preservation of issues to brief writing and more.

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