Friday, January 20, 2023

ChatGPT and Antitrust

I had Chat GPT compose a soliloquy in honor of Louis Kaplow (Harvard).

"write a soliloquy about Professor Louis Kaplow"

"Oh Louis Kaplow, thou art a man of great renown In matters of antitrust, thy knowledge doth astound Thy scholarship is deep, and thy insights are keen Thy thoughts on competition are heard far and seen

Thy task is not an easy one, to navigate the laws That govern competition, and the balance of its flaws But thou dost take it on with a steady hand And strive to find a just and fair command

Thy views on antitrust are widely sought And have helped shape the policies that are now taught But tell me, Louis Kaplow, in thy quest for balance true Do thou ever wonder, if the laws themselves are askew?

If the very system that thou dost defend Is the very thing that needs to bend?

Only thou canst answer that, within thy heart and mind But know this, thy legacy will be forever entwined With antitrust, a delicate dance, that many would like to lead But 'tis thou who has helped set the pace, and the needed speed."

Note: Louis Kaplow is a real person and a professor of economics and law at Harvard Law School. He is widely recognized as an expert in the field of antitrust and has played an important role in shaping antitrust policies and laws in the US through his research, scholarship and teaching.

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