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ASCOLA 2021 conference



                                                     Program of  16th Annual ASCOLA (Virtual) Conference

1-3 July 2021


Important: times indicated are Central European Summer Time (CEST, utc+2, Brussels time). Check your time at

Elaborate program follows immediately after condensed version.


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THURSDAY July 1, 2021

9:00-11:00                  Annex session 1


12:00-12:10                Welcome by Michal Gal (ASCOLA President)

12:10-13:55                Main event Panel I

14:05-15:50                Main event Panel II

16:00-16:45                  Keynote Prof. Carl Shapiro (Berkeley) "Antitrust: What went Wrong and How to Fix it"

16:45-16:55                 Virtual toast with all members

16:55-17:30                 Happy hour for spontaneous virtual meetings (if you have the time!)

18:00-20:00                 Annex session 2





FRIDAY July 2, 2021

9:00-11:00                  Annex session 3

12:10-13:55                Main event Panel III

14:05-15:50                Main event Panel IV

16:00-16:45                 Economic expert Panel: Innovation Economics

Richard Gilbert (Berkeley), Monika Schnitzer (Ludwig Maximilian University)

Moderator: Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College, London)

18:00-20:30                 Annex session 4 (partly in Portuguese)

Saturday July 3, 2021

9:00-11:20                  Annex session 5

12:00-14:00                Main event Panel V

14:15-16:00                Main event Panel VI

16:00-17:00                 Panel on Career challenges: How to make and maintain an academic career (not just as a woman)

                                    Moderators: Rupprecht Podszun & Kati Cseres

Panelists: Anna Gerbrandy (tbc), Juan David Gutiérrez, Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman, Wendy Ng

17:00-17:15                 Virtual toast with all members

Prize for best paper by a young academic

18:00-19:30                 Annex session 6

Hashtag: #ASCOLA2021

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Main Program (Annexed Sessions follow separately)


Thursday, 1st July

12:00 –


Welcome by ASCOLA President, Michal Gal

Zoom: Zurich 1

12:10 –


Algorithms and Antitrust


Collaboration and Cartels

Session Chair: Giorgio Monti

·         Nicolo Zingales, "Algorithmic nudging as an exclusionary concern"

·         Lena Hornkohl, "Article 102 TFEU as a tool to enforce algorithmic discrimination towards end consumers"

·         Maria T. Patakyova, "How to Enforce a Pricing Algorithm under EU Competition Law? Solutions-Oriented Approach"

·         Eduardo Molan Gaban, Vinícius Klein, "A new language for A.I. and the legal discourse"

·         Fabiana Di Porto, Tatjana Grote, Gabriele Volpi, Riccardo Invernizzi "'I see something you don't see': A Computational Analysis of  the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act"

Zoom: Zurich 1

Session Chair: Valeria Falce

·         Rupprecht Podszun, "A Principled Approach to Platform Regulation"

·         Anush Ganesh, "Application of competition law to zero-price online platforms: Convergence of three areas of the law"

·         Konstantina Bania, "Taming the ‘Big Tech’ Beast: Regulating online platforms to protect competition in digital markets"

·         Ki Jong Lee, "Cross-market impact of Platforms' activities: a proposal to introduce the concept of secondary relevant market"

·         Geoffrey Parker, Georgios Petropoulos,  Marshall Van Alstyne, "Platform mergers and antitrust"

Zoom: Zurich 2

Session Chair: Josef Drexl

·         Giulia Schneider, "Data Pools for Collaborative Research under Art. 101 TFUE: Lessons from The Proposed Regulations for Data Markets"

·         Alison Jones, Caio Mário da Silva Pereira Neto, "Combatting Corruption and Collusion in Public Procurement: Lessons from Operation Car Wash"

·         Mariateresa Maggiolino, Laura Zoboli, "Blockchain Governance: The Missing Piece in the Competition Puzzle"

·         Luz M. García Martínez, "Transparency through blockchain consortia in digital finance: potential antitrust risks?"

·         Anna Tzanaki, "Varieties and Mechanisms of Common Ownership: A Calibration Exercise for Competition Policy"

Zoom: Zurich 3


14:05 –


General Perspectives

Market Power

Developing Economies

Session Chair:  Dan Rubinfeld

·         John M. Newman, "The Output-Welfare Fallacy"

·         Giorgio Monti, "Balancing in Competition Law"

·         Ramsi Woodcock, "How Antitrust Really Works: A Theory of Input Control and Discriminatory Supply"

·         Harry First, Spencer Weber Waller, "Bespoke Antitrust"

·         Michelle Meagher, "A Systems Approach to Antitrust Reform"

Zoom: Zurich 1

Session Chair: Paul Nihoul

·         Salil K. Mehra, "“Chickenization,” Data-Monopsony and Competition Law"

·         Alexandre de Streel, "Digital Attention Intermediaries: A Competition Law Perspective"

·         Noga Blickstein Shchory, Michal Gal, "Market Power Parasites: Abusing the power of digital intermediaries to harm competition"

·         Petar Petrov, "Dominance, Super-Dominance, and Gatekeeper Status: Variable Shades of Market Power in Digital Markets"

·         Anna Gerbrandy, Lisanne Hummel, Laura F. Lalikova, Viktorija Morozovaite, Pauline Phoa, "Power in the digital society: A taxonomy of the composite power of Big Tech companies and a theory of Modern Bigness"

Zoom: Zurich 2

Session Chair: Eleanor Fox

·         Dina I. Waked, "Antitrust Statistics: empirical evidence from developing countries 1990-2020"

·         Taimoon Stewart, "Competition Regimes in the Caribbean Community and Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparison"

·         Andrés Felipe Suárez, Juan David Gutiérrez, "Competition policy, regulation and development in Latin America: Does competition advocacy join the dots?"

·         Nora Memeti, "Digital Acquistions and their enforcement in the Arab region"

·         Vellah Kedogo Kigwiru, "Jurisdictional Conflicts and COMESA Competition Commission’s Supranationalism"

Zoom: zurich 3

16:00 – 16:45

Keynote Prof. Carl Shapiro (Berkeley) "Antitrust: What went Wrong and How to Fix it"

Zoom: Zurich1


Virtual toast with all members

Zoom: Zurich1


Happy hour for spontaneous virtual meetings (if you have the time!)

Zoom: Zurich1



Friday, 2nd July

12:10 –


Competition in Specific Industries

Regulation of Agreements


Session Chair: Wolfgang Kerber

·         Arlen Duke, Rhonda Smith, "Pharmaceuticals and market definition: a cautionary tale"

·         Ariel Katz, Eden Sarid, "Who Killed the Radio Star? How Music Blanket Licensing Distorts the Production of Creative Content in Radio”

·         Todd Davies, Zlatina Georgieva, "Zero Price, Zero Competition: How Marketization Fixes Anticompetitive Tying in Monetized Markets"

·         Xingyu Yan, "Towards a More Competitive Mobile Payment Industry: Standardization and Beyond"

·         Maria Casoria, "The Relationship Between Open Banking and Competition Law: A Novel European Saga"





Zoom: Dusseldorf 1

Session Chair: Ioannis Lianos

·         Carmen Rodilla, Alexandre Ruiz Feases, " "Anticompetitive agreements in labour markets and Article 101 TFEU"

·         Mariateresa Maggiolino, "In the EU Gig Workers Cannot Conclude Collective Agreements. Whose fault is it?"

·         Victoria Daskalova, "Reconciling competition law and the right to collective bargaining for self-employed: a quest for solutions"

·         Alison Jones, Caio Mário da Silva Pereira Neto, "Combating corruption and collusion in UK public procurement: Proposals for post-brexit reform"

·         Marcos Araujo Boyd, "Recent developments on the intra-group exemption under Article 101 TFEU: Ecoservice and AgriMer”

Zoom: Dusseldorf 2

Session Chair: Björn Lundqvist

·         Vicente Giovannini, "What Happens with the Abuse of Dominant Position? Advocacy for a New Approach to ‘Abuse’ in Digital Markets"

·         Marios C. Iacovides, Christos Vrettos, "Radical For Whom? Unsustainable Business Practices As Abuses Of Dominance"

·         Daniel Mandrescu, "Abusive pricing practices by online platforms under art.102 TFEU: a framework review for future cases"

·         Vikas Kathuria, Mark-Oliver Mackenrodt, "The Case against 'Narrow' Price Parity Clauses"

·         Germán Johannsen, Andrés Gonzalez, "Digital Platforms & Economic Dependence in Chile. Any Room for Competition Theories of Harm without Dominance?"

Zoom: Haifa 1


14:05– 15:50

Digital Competition

Enforcement Challenges

Competition, Innovation, and IP

Session Chair: Maurice Stucke

·         Philip Marsden, Rupprecht Podszun, "Enforcement matters! Restoring balance to digital competition with sensible rules and effective enforcement"

·         William Kovacic, David A. Hyman, "Regulating Big Tech: Lessons from the FTC’s Do-Not-Call Rule"

·         Maria José Schmidt-Kessen, "Taming Tech Giants German-Style? Experimentalist Governance and the Regulation of Competition on Digital Markets in the EU"

·         Xingyu Yan, "To Refresh, not Replace Competition: Fine-Tuning the Ex-Ante Approach to Regulating Data Combination Practices"

·         Nora von Ingersleben-Seip, Zlatina Georgieva, "Old Tools for the New Economy? A Plea for an Enhanced Role of Counterfactual Causation in Competition Analysis of Digital Markets in Light of Impending Regulation"

Zoom: Dusseldorf1

Session Chair: Heike Schweitzer

·         Jan Broulik, "Roles of Positive Economics in Antitrust Proceedings: Competitive Effects as Adjudicative and Legislative Facts"

·         Florence Thépot, "Interlocking directorates in Europe – an enforcement gap?"

·         Alexey Ivanov, Anna Pozdnyakova, "Cross border cartels: challenges and threats for competition agencies"

·         Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman, "Quest for Purpose of Competition Rules in European Post-Socialist Countries: The Role of Legal Culture"

·         Manuel Abarca, "Competition Law in times of Socialism: The Chilean bank nationalization case (1971-1975)"


Zoom: Dusseldorf 2

Session Chair: Harry First

·         Thomas J. Horton, "Innovation and antitrust: an evolutionary and historical perspective

·         Stephen Dnes, "Browser Tying and Data Privacy Innovation"

·         Marco Botta, "The challenge of sanctioning unfair royalty rate by the SEP holder: ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘what’"

·         Oscar Borgogno, Giuseppe Colangelo, "SEPs licensing across the supply chain: an antitrust perspective"

·         Soojin Nam, "What do SEPs and Digital Platforms have in common?: Fairness and Meritocratic Values in US Antitrust Laws"








Zoom: Haifa 1

16:00 – 16:45

Economic expert Panel: Innovation Economics

Richard Gilbert (Berkeley), Monika Schnitzer (Ludwig Maximilian University)

Moderator: Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College, London)

Zoom: Dusseldorf1



Saturday, 3rd July

12:00 – 14:00

EU law

Antitrust in Asia


Session Chair: Peter Picht

·         Barry J Rodger, "Beyond ECN+ Directive – Empirical Study Mapping Judicial review of national competition law decisions"

·         Liesbet Van Acker, "The Vacillation of Dual Distribution – An analysis in light of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation review"

·         Alexandre Ruiz Feases, "Sharpening the European Commission’s tools: interim


·         Pietro Manzini, "Disentangling the Digital market Act"

·         Bernadette Zelger, "The Principle of ne bis in idem in EU Competition Law"

·         Małgorzata Kozak, "Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. Critical analysis of EU harmonisation of the right for compensation for harm caused by competition law infringements."

Zoom: Haifa2

Session Chair: Thomas Cheng

·         Wendy Ng, "Data governance in China: Can competition law play a meaningful role?"

·         Shilpi Bhattacharya, Pankhudi Khandelwal, "Judging a Book by its Cover?: Analysing the Indian Approach to Defining Platform Markets"

·         Steven Van Uytsel, "Algorithmic Hub-and-Spoke Cartels: A Japanese Perspective"

·         Masako Wakui, "Zaibatsu Break-Ups: The Legacy of Post-war Economic Reform in Japan and Digital Economies"

·         Koki Arai, "Structuralist and Deconstructive understanding of Japanese Competition Policy toward Digitalization and Innovation"







Zoom: Dusseldorf1

Session Chair: Michal Gal

·         Francisco Marcos, "The uneven and unsure playing field for competition damages' claims in the EU: shortcomings and failures of Directive 2014/104/EU and its implementation"

·         Michal Gal, Nicolas Petit, "Radical Restorative Remedies for Digital Markets"

·         Filippo Lancieri, Caio Mario Pereira Neto, "Designing remedies for digital markets: the interplay between antitrust and regulation"

·         Grigoris Bacharis, "Is ‘‘more’’ better? Broadening the right to sue in competition damages claims in both sides of the Atlantic"

·         Cristina Poncibò, Andrea Piletta Massaro, "The rise of third-party litigation funding in private damage actions for the breach of competition law in Europe"

·         Omar Vasquez Duque, "Forced Choice vs. Inertia? An Exploratory Analysis of Choice Screens Applied in the European Microsoft Antitrust Case"


Zoom: Haifa1


14:15 –



Competition and Other Policies

Antitrust Challenges

Session Chair: Pieter van Cleyenbreugel

·         Elias Deutscher, "CK Telecoms and the new frame of reference for the analysis of unilateral effects in EU merger control - a critical appraisal"

·         Jasper van den Boom, Peerawat Samranchit, "Assessing the long run competitive effects of digital ecosystem mergers"

·         Björn Lundqvist, "Killer Acquisitions and other forms of anticompetitive collaborations"

·         Alexandr Svetlicinii, "State-Controlled Entities in the EU Merger Control: the Case of PKN Orlen and Lotos Group"

·         Frédéric Marty, Thierry Warin, "Visa Acquiring Plaid: A Tartan over a Killer Acquisition? Reflections on the risks of harming competition through the acquisition of startups within digital ecosystems"

·         Theodosia Stavroulaki, "Mergers that harm our health"

Zoom: Haifa2

Session Chair: Fabiana Di Porto

·         Klaudia Majcher, Viktoria Robertson, "The Twin Transition to a Digital and Green Economy: Doctrinal Challenges for EU Competition Law"

·         Mary Catherine Lucey, "Gender and the Antitrust Curriculum"

·         Claudio Lombardi, "Competition in Online News, Algorithmic Curation, and Advertising: Between Markets and Democracy"

·         Kalpana Tyagi, "Competition Policy, with a touch of Green: From ‘Competition on the merits’ to ‘Sustainable’ Competition on the Merits"






Zoom: Dusseldorf1

Session Chair: Sofia Pais

·         Inge Graef, "Consumer sovereignty and competition law: from personalization to diversity"

·         Viktorija Morozovaite, "Two sides of the digital advertising coin: putting hypernudging into perspective"

·         Jasper Sluijs, "Recalibrating Compass, or the end of the undertanking as we know it?"

·         Juliane K. Mendelsohn, "The Challenge of Inequality in the Competition Paradigm"

·         Shuya Hayashi, Koki Arai, "Digital Platforms and Consumer Rights: From the Perspective of Competition Law and Trust"

·         M. Borgers, Kati Cseres, Or Brook, "Consumers’ participation in competition law proceedings: an empirical inquiry into the enforcement of competition law in the EU Member States"



Zoom: Haifa1


Panel on Career Challenges: How to make and maintain an academic career (not just as a woman)

Moderators: Rupprecht Podszun & Kati Cseres

Panelists: Anna Gerbrandy (tbc), Juan David Gutiérrez, Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman, Wendy Ng


Zoom: Dusseldorf1

17:00 –


Virtual toast with all members

Prize for best paper by young academic

Zoom: Dusseldorf1

Annexed Sessions:

Annex Session 1: 9:00-11:00 CEST, 1st July

9:00-10:20 Competition and Data Protection

Session chair: Emanuela Arezzo

·         Wolfgang Kerber, Karsten K. Zolna, "The German Facebook Case: The Law and Economics of the Relationship between Competition and Data Protection Law"

·         Simonetta Vezzoso, "Gatekeepers’ Interoperability Mandates: A Contextual Analysis of the Italian Android Auto Decision”"

·         Valeria Falce, Nicola M.F. Faraone, "Digital markets as attention-engagement markets"

·         Klaus Wiedemann, "Consumer Autonomy, Competition Law and Data Protection Law in the Digital Economy: On the Relationship between the German Federal Supreme Court’s Facebook-Decision, the Revised German Competition Act and the Proposal for a Digital Markets Act"

·         Shubhangi Heda, Sakhi Shah, "Exploring the Intersection of Data Protection and Competition Law"

10:20-11:00 Panel on Computational Antitrust. Moderator: Fabiana di Porto; Panellists: Ioannis Lianos, Felix Chang, Thomas Cheng, Julian Nowag

Zoom: Zurich4


Annex Session 2: 18:00-20:00 CEST, 1st July

18:00-19:20 Challenging the Basics  

Session chair: Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman

·         Magali Eben, "The Antitrust Market does not Exist: Pursuit of Objectivity in a Purposive Process"

·         Oles Andriychuk, "The Concept of Reasonableness in Competition Law: Addressing the Means/Ends Dichotomy"

·         Ignacio García-Perrote Martínez, "Apple Inc. v Pepper et al.: Passing-on at a crossroads?"

·         Antonio Robles Martín-Laborda, "The passing-on defense: Some lessons from the truck's cartel case"

19:20-20:00 Panel on "How a paper is born" Moderator: Magali Eben; Panelists: José Azar, Marios Iacovides, Sara Bensley

Zoom: Zurich5











Annex Session 3: 9:00-11:00 CEST, 2nd July

9:00-10:20 Intersection with other policies

Session Chair: Maciej Bernatt

·         Jurgita Malinauskaite, Fatih Buğra Erdem, "Competition Law and Sustainability in the EU: National Competition Authorities’ perspectives"

·         Claudio Lombardi, Tomaso Ferrando, "An Environmentally And Socially Broken Global Food System: What Role For Competition Law?"

·         Kati Cseres, Agustin Reyna, "EU State aid law and consumer protection: an unsettled relationship in times of crisis"

·         Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis, "The Price of Openness: IP and Competition Law considerations for ‘open’ dynamics in AI-related markets."

·         Iga Małobęcka-Szwast, "Enforcing competition, consumer and data protection law in the digital economy – how to find a way forward?"

10:20-11:00 Panel on Tips on how to win grants Moderator: Valeria Falce, Participants: Alexandre de Streel, Michal Gal, Vicente Bagnoli, Marco Botta

Zoom:  Dusseldorf 2



Annex Session 4:  18:00-21:00 CEST, 2nd July

18:00-19:20 Antitrust around the world

Session Chair: Juliana Domingues

·         Marek Martyniszyn, "Minding its own Markets in a Transnational World? Extraterritoriality in EU Competition Law"

·         Gustavo Ghidini, Maria Bianca Armiento, "“What’s past is prologue”? The European Antitrust in times of emergencies, from Covid-19 back to the aftermath of WWII, and forth to the web titans’ superdominance."

·         Qianlan Wu, Xiaoye Wang, "US-EU-China Bilateral Competition Enforcement Cooperation and Trade Openness"

·         José de Moura Faleiros Júnior, Pietra Daneluzzi Quinelato, "Personalized prices in digital markets in light of Brazilian competition laws"

·         Juliana Oliveira Domingues, Fernanda Lopes Martins, Pietra Daneluzzi Quinelato, "Streaming Disney+ and competition in the fantasy world: the acquisiton 21st Century Fox by Walt Disney in Brazil"

19:20-20:00 panel on Competition and Data Protection in Latin America (in Spanish and Portuguese), Moderators:  Vicente Bagnoli and Juan David Gutiérrez , Panelists: Felipe Irarrázabal, Juan Pablo Herrera, Juliana Domingues.

Zoom: Brazil








Annex Session 5:  9:00-11:20 CEST, 3rd July

9:00-10:20 Digital Markets

Session chair: Thomas K Cheng

·         Friso Bostoen, "Self-preferencing by online platforms. The unfruitful search for ‘the theory of everything’"

·         Marcin Kamiński, "Self-preferencing: in pursuit of legal clarity and relevant legal tests"

·         Vicente Bagnoli, "Are digital platforms public utilities?"

·         Oles Andriychuk, "The Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act: Towards a New Competition Paradigm"

10:20-11:20 Panel on the book “The Digital Economy and Competition Law in Asia” Moderator: Steven Van Uytsel; Panelists:
Peerapat Chokesuwattanaskul, Ningrum Sirait and Nikita Koradia

Zoom: Haifa 1



Annex Session 6: 18:00-20:00 CEST, 3rd July

18:00-19:20 Competition Law in Specific Industries

Session Chair: David Bosco

·         Bernadette Zelger, "Object Restrictions and Sporting Rules - A Critical Analysis of the Decision in International Skating Union v Commission"

·         Eleni Katopodi, "Blockchain antitrust; regulatory concerns and the ‘Diem’ example"

·         Marco Botta, Niccolò Galli, "It’s Unfair! Non-Price Exploitation in ICT Patents Licenses"

·         Niccolò Galli, "Back to Basics: Defining Markets for ICT Patents and Calculating Market Shares Thereupon"

·         Margherita Colangelo, "Fighting high drug prices: excessive pricing and price gouging in EU, UK and US pharmaceutical markets"

19:20-20:00 Panel on Recent Books on Global and Comparative Antitrust Moderator: David Bosco; Participants: David Gerber and Barry Hawk

Zoom: Aix

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