Friday, November 27, 2020

Merger Control in Latin America - A Jurisdictional Guide”

Merger Control in Latin America - A Jurisdictional Guide

Following significant reforms over the last 20 years, merger control regimes in Latin America now constitute around 20% of merger regimes worldwide. In regard to global transactions that may trigger the notification thresholds in many of these jurisdictions, it became necessary that an up-to-date book analyzing current legislation and case law be available for practitioners. This book compiles for the first time the applicable law governing merger control in Latin America. More than 30 distinguished authors, from both private and enforcement backgrounds, cover 17 jurisdictions and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). For each jurisdiction, the reader will find: 

  • a presentation of the merger control system; 
  • a description of the applicable procedures and; 
  • an analysis of the most relevant case law on the subject.

In addition, the editors, Paulo Burnier da Silveira and Pamela Sittenfeld, provide an overview of the merger regimes in Latin America, as well as a synthesis of the particularities of the regimes addressed in the book.

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