Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Social Comparison Before, During, and After the Competition

Stephen M. Garcia, University of Michigan, Zachary A. Reese, University of Michigan, Avishalom Tor Notre, Dame Law School; University of Haifa - Faculty of Law Social Comparison discuss Before, During, and After the Competition.

ABSTRACT: This chapter provides an overview of the interplay between social comparison and competition before, during, and after the competition. We define competition broadly to include an act or process of competition, explicit or implicit, and link it to basic social comparison processes. Before the competition, we consider the lessons of the social comparison literature on motives, individual differences, cultural and social norms, and competition entry decisions. We then review relevant findings on the role of individual factors (personal and relational) as well as situational factors that affect motivation and competitive behavior during the competition. Finally, the chapter examines the social comparison literature on downward comparison, upward comparison, and competition re-entry decisions after the competition.

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