Sunday, August 26, 2018

Which Antitrust Economist Is the Most Cited in Law Reviews 2013-2018?

Based on the latest Sisk data, there are all sorts of lists of most cited law professors.  Perhaps more interesting is to see the impact of economists in antitrust scholarship today.  Some economists wrote/write on a number of topics.  I focus, as does the Leiter approach to "expertise" to 75% or more of the citations focusing on the field.  By that standard, the most important antitrust economist shaping ideas in legal scholarship (and it isn't even close, so I do not provide a top 5) is:


Carl Shapiro, Berkeley Haas School of Business


Carl has 740 citations in law reviews in the past 5 years.  In terms of citations in antitrust, that would put Carl below only Herb Hovenkamp in terms of someone who writes at least 75% of the time in antitrust and below Hovenkamp and Louis Kaplow if we include people who write in antitrust and other fields (with Louis making critically important contributions in tax and law and economics more generally in addition to shaking up the foundations of antitrust).

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