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Monday, April 16, 2018

Prioritization in practice: insights from the Competition Commission South Africa

Mark Burke has written on Prioritization in practice: insights from the Competition Commission South Africa.

ABSTRACT: This article reports on a research study undertaken to explore the organizational practices and processes that make possible and enable prioritization in the Competition Commission South Africa. Priority-setting, resource marshalling and evaluative organizational processes were found to enable prioritization. Four organizational practices associated with prioritization were identified, each engendering specific organizational values. The practice of managing cases from ‘cradle-to-grave’ is an approach that encourages ownership of priority cases. The practice of constituting inter-divisional teams promotes joint responsibility and shared accountability among team members. The mid-term review provides an opportunity to calibrate organizational alignment to priorities in a structured and periodic fashion. The practice of encoding priorities in the business plan encourages communication. Furthermore, the analysis highlights how sector expertise, priority setting and project management capabilities associated with prioritization enable the organization to identify and exploit opportunities by re-configuring its resource base.

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