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Friday, April 13, 2018

Jevons Institute 2018 Colloquium: Future Perspectives on Media Markets: Competition, pluralism and regulatory oversight UCL Faculty of Laws Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 09:00

2018 Jevons Institute Colloquium in Rome

Future Perspectives on Media Markets: 
Competition, pluralism and regulatory oversight

hosted by 
Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato, Rome

Tuesday 22 May 2018, 9.30 - 16:30

Organised and Moderated by
Antonio Bavasso, David Evans and Douglas Ginsburg

About the Colloquium
The 2018 Jevons Institute Colloquium is organised by University College London’s Jevons Institute in association with George Mason’s Global Antitrust Institute and in co-operation with 
▶    Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato
▶    Authorité de la concurrences
▶    Bundeskartellamt
▶    Competition & Markets Authority

The Colloquium will explore competition and regulatory issues in the media sector.  It will bring together heads of authorities, chief economists, leading academics and judges with direct experience in this sector who will discuss a number of issues facing the industry and its regulatory implications.  The format will include presentations and panel discussions. 
The first session will explore economic issues in media markets and will cover welfare analysis, the role of advertising, dynamics in content creation and new business strategies and models and their implications for regulatory analysis.  The second session will consider how competition and regulatory policies should approach consolidation taking into account the challenges facing traditional media and the relationship between competition and other public interests (e.g. media plurality).  It will compare approach and experiences across markets and jurisdictions.  Finally the third session will consider trade offs and complementary between various regulatory tools in relation to media markets and will consider issues such as privacy, the role of self regulation, news content production and editorial controls including the relationship between competition and regulation. 

The Agenda:

09:30    Welcome and Introduction
Giovanni Pitruzzella Chairman, Italian Competition Authority

10:00    Roundtable 1: Economics of Competition and Welfare Analysis in Media Markets 
Moderator:  David Evans UCL Jevons Institute / Global Economics Group

•    Andrea Coscelli Chief Executive, UK Competition & Markets Authority 
•    Tommaso Valletti Chief Economist, DG Competition, European Commission

•    Bruno Jullien University of Toulouse
•    Howard Shelanski Georgetown University Law Center

This session will explore: 

  • Analyzing welfare in relation to content
  • Welfare in markets where main currency is time/attention
  • Role of advertising
  • Content creation and free content as a “bait”
  • Role of multi-homing

11:30    Refreshment break

11:45    Roundtable 2: The Consolidation Role of Competition Policy, Merger Control, Public Interest Tests
Moderator: Antonio Bavasso UCL Jevons Institute / Allen & Overy LLP

•    Isabelle de Silva President, French Competition Authority 
•    Greg Crawford Zurich University

•    Peter Freeman CBE QC (Hon) Chairman, UK Competition Appeal Tribunal
•    Luke Froeb Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economics, US Department of Justice

This session will explore: 

  • Merger control and consolidation in media markets in particular in relation to newspapers and broadcasting (with references to cases in the US and Europe).
  • Should we take into account wider public interests (e.g. media plurality) and how do we do that if it is mandated?
  • Has the rise of online media platforms (including ones that focus on user-generated content) affected the analysis of competition or public interests?
  • Mergers in old media and the online constraint

13:15    Lunch

14:00    Keynote Address: 
Johannes Laitenberger Director General, DG Competition, European Commission

14:30    Roundtable 3: Old Media, New Media, New Challenges: Competition Policy and Regulatory Instruments
Moderator: Douglas Ginsburg Judge, US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

•    Andreas Mundt President, German Competition Authority
•    Andrea Prat Columbia University

•    Gabriella Muscolo Commissioner, Italian Competition Authority
•    Josh Wright Global Antitrust Institute, George Mason University
•    Emilio Cavano University of Naples

This session will explore: 

  • Trade-offs, complementarity and tensions between competition policy and regulatory intervention.
  • Tensions between regulation and governance
  • Regulatory asymmetry between traditional and “new” media.
  • Can regulators rely on market corrections and self-regulation to address issues relating to content on new media platforms or are other regulatory measures required?
  •  Privacy regulation and economic regulation

16:00    Closing remarks
Makan Delharim Assistant Attorney General , US Department of Justice

16:30    Reception


About the Jevons Institute
The Jevons Institute for Competition Law and Economics at UCL (The Jevons Institute), set up in 2006, constitutes a policy forum and a meeting point between academia and practice with the aim to:

  • stimulate debate concerning the application of competition law and industry regulation to the marketplace; and
  • promote interaction among academic scholars in law and economics, policymakers and enforcement officials, the judiciary, practitioners and business leaders.

Our approach in this area of law and policy is based on a strong interaction between legal principles and analysis, and applied economic theory and empirics. 

The Jevons Institute has been named after William Stanley Jevons, one of the foremost economists of the 19th Century and professor of political economy at UCL.

The Jevons Institute was founded by Visiting Professor Antonio Bavasso and Visiting Professor David S. Evans and operates within the Faculty of Laws at University College London.

It is directed by three Executive Directors: visiting professors Antonio Bavasso and David S. Evans and Ioannis Lianos, chair of global competition law and policy at UCL Laws.


If you have any queries about this course please contact Lisa Penfold at the UCL Faculty of Laws by emailing 

Do you have questions about Jevons Institute 2018 Colloquium: Future Perspectives on Media Markets: Competition, pluralism and regulatory oversight? Contact UCL Faculty of Laws

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