Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Towards an International Legal Framework for Competition Law: An EU Perspective

Fabrizio Di Benedetto, University of Milan, DILHPS - Department of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies brings us Towards an International Legal Framework for Competition Law: An EU Perspective.

ABSTRACT: During its history, the European Union, and the European Community, have made several attempts to favor the establishment of an international antitrust legal standard, using both the multilateral and the bilateral instruments that international law provides. However, so far none of these attempts has led to the creation of a binding international code on competition issues. Indeed, it should be considered that there are big differences among national competition laws at a global level, which makes it difficult to reach a conclusion of substantive and binding international agreements. Nevertheless, this does not mean that an international legal framework on competition is impossible to reach. In this regard, the EU could play an essential role in the creation of such a legal framework through the negotiations of Free Trade Agreements with third countries, and especially with the United States of America and Canada.

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