Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Price controls versus compulsory licensing: effects on patent-holders and consumers

Eric W Bond (Vanderbilt University) and Kamal Saggi (Vanderbilt University) explore Price controls versus compulsory licensing: effects on patent-holders and consumers.

ABSTRACT: We extend the model of Bond and Saggi (2014) in which a patent-holder chooses between direct entry and the voluntary licensing of its technology to a local firm in a developing country. We compare two scenarios: one where the country imposes a price control on the patent-holder and another where it issues a compulsory license to the local firm if the patent-holder decides to neither enter nor license its technology voluntarily. A price control makes entry less attractive to the patent-holder relative to voluntary licensing whereas the threat of compulsory licensing has the opposite effect. While a price control always makes the patent-holder worse off, the option of compulsory licensing can sometimes be to its advantage.


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