Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Handbook on Antitrust in Technology Industries

The ABA has produced the Handbook on Antitrust in Technology Industries.


In recent years, technology markets have been a major focus of antitrust policy, agency enforcement, and private litigation. Courts, agencies, commentators, and practitioners have grappled with whether technology industries are somehow different when it comes to antitrust. Antitrust analysis of technology markets has continued to evolve rapidly—it is arguably one of the least settled analytical areas in antitrust law.

The Handbook on Antitrust in Technology Industries is intended to serve as a comprehensive review and analysis of the application of antitrust law and principles to the technology industry. It will serve as an important and useful tool for practitioners who seek an introduction to antitrust, as well as for antitrust practitioners who find themselves grappling with the complex but fascinating field of technology.

This book guides the reader through the fundamental law and economics of technology industries that make analysis of antitrust issues in these sectors both unique and challenging (Chapter I), transitioning to a discussion of substantive antitrust law applicable to technology industries, including horizontal restraints (Chapter II) and vertical restraints (Chapter III). The book then deals extensively with the enforcement of antitrust principles in technology markets in the contexts of mergers and acquisitions (Chapter IV) and single-firm conduct (Chapter V).


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