Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tad Lipsky rides off to retirement

Tad Lipsky officially retired this week after 40 years of practice including senior level stints at both the DOJ and FTC. I first met Tad on a deal in 2004.  We bonded at a closing dinner at the client's mega estate in Palm Beach.  Tad and I had a common background (Amherst College) but in many ways, Tad was far cooler than I could ever hope to have been pre-kids and now with kids, I can never be cool.  

As a graduate student at Stanford, Tad had a band that was supposed to open for musical legend BB King.  Because BB's backup guitarist got sick, Tad played on stage with BB for the entire night (second coolest antitrust lawyer on stage is Brazil's Paulo Lilla who played a song onstage with U2 a few years ago).  Tad is smart and had a meteoric rise as DOJ, where he was one of the Bill Baxter group of young Turk DAAGs that reshaped antitrust.  I would add that over the years working with the US Chamber, Tad often had the most insightful comments in meetings.  His published articles showed deep thought on some of the most difficult antitrust issues.  He was cool headed and made a spectacular guest lecturer in my class.  At the FTC, he was often the public face of the agency and said exactly what he thought.  I wish more people were like Tad in so many ways.

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