Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I love Chile! Reflections from Chile's 2016 Competition Day

Chile is blessed with great enforcers at the Fiscalía Nacional Económica (headed by Felipe Irarrázabal) and a highly quality competition tribunal of three lawyers and two economists (headed by Enrique Vergara).  For the second time I was a speaker for Chile's Competition Day. This was very effective outreach for Chile's competition system.  The event, held last Thursday at the W Hotel in Santiago had roughly 600 attendees.  The event began with presentations by President of Chile Michelle Bachelet and Minister of Economy Luis Felipe Céspedes.  Both presentations were excellent. Below is a picture of Enrique Vergara, Felipe Irarrázabal, Michelle Bachelet, and Luis Felipe Céspedes.


Bachelet's presence was important given that Chile has criminalized cartel offenses. 0Z0A2954

Céspedes discussed competition and economic growth (including entrepreneurship and innovation).

My presentation focused on online competition.


There were a series of international experts who presented. The level of ability of enforcers, private sector, and academic communities in Chile is very high. This model for Competition Day is something that more agencies should do.

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