Saturday, April 30, 2016

Most Downloaded SSRN Antitrust Law Professors (Full time) in the past year

This list includes those who write (even occasionally) in antitrust even if their primary focus in in a different area of the top 300 most downloaded on SSRN:

Name                            Institution            Downloads 

Mark Lemley           Stanford                     17,568
Herb Hovenkamp  Iowa                             6,914
Tim Wu                    Columbia                    5,919
Josh Wright            George Mason            5,327
Nicolas Petit            Liege                           4,231
Christopher Yoo     Penn                           4,148
Maurice Stucke       Tennessee                  4,032
JamesChen              Michigan State          3,994
Daniel Sokol           Florida                        3,939
Einer Elhauge           Harvard                     3,866
Jorge Contreras       Utah                            3,067
Robin Feldman         Hastings                    3,030
William Landes         Chicago                     2,597
Doug Ginsburg          George Mason       2,537
David Hyman             Illinois                      2,246
Barak Orbach             Arizona                    2,150
Robert Lande             Baltimore               2,115
Spencer Waller         Chicago Loyola     2,098
Kathryn Spier            Harvard                   2,074
Scott Hemphill          NYU                          1,954
Matthew Sag               Chicago Loyola    1,727

Part time faculty also rank high

David Evan                Chicago and UCL                       9,852
Damien Geradin,     George Mason and Tilburg       8,208
Wouter Wils             Kings College                              6,046
Richard Posner        Chicago                                          2,400


Note: Names in bold are among the 100 most downloaded of all law professors globally in the last year.

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