Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Antitrust Professor (and his family) rank Channukah videos - a 2015 update

The Sokol girls have found new Chanukah music videos.  Our previous rankings were here (2011) and here (2014).

Their comments are in quotes.

  1. Chanukah (Shake It Off) -  "This is almost as cool as Taylor Swift"
2. Lights - "I like the Chanukah rapping"
3. The Star Wars Chanukah Song - "I like the combination of my two favorite things - Star Wars and Chanukah"
4. Chanukah Opens Doors - "I am getting the coronation Anna dress for Chanukah!"
5. Rolling in the Deep - "I love this song because I love the real version"
6. Burn "What happened to the Maccabeats? We saw them in concert when we lived in Minnesota"
7. Chanukah Lights - "It sounds like a country music Chanukah song"
8. Fat Face / Blank Space - "I wish we could do a family Taylor Swift Chanukah song."
9. Sufganiot - "Good song but where is the video?"
10. Hanukkah - Timeless as the Stars "Where is the all girls a cappella Jewish group?"


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In portuguese, because I know you understand it, Daniel: "Que fofo!". Hugs

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