Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Canada is Awesome - and Not Just for Its Antitrust

I love Canada.  A few years ago I had an offer for a Canada Research Chair at UBC, where the incredibly smart and interesting Ralph Winter, Tom Ross and Nancy Galini teach at the Sauder School of Business.  The law school was not a right fit but there is lots to love in Canada:

1. Ed Iacobucci is now Dean at the University of Toronto law School - he is an impressive scholar in antitrust and corporate law and a highly competent administrator.

2. There are an abundance of impressive scholars at the University of Toronto doing interesting antitrust economics related work - Josh Gans, Mara Lederman, Ken Corts, Avi Goldfarb.  On the law side, University of Toronto boasts Ed, Michael Trebilcock and Ariel Katz.

3. Toronto and Vancouver are among the most interesting and fun to visit cities in the world.  They are also great restaurant cities.

4. The Canadian antitrust bar is on a per unit basis, the best in the world (small bar but a high quality bar).

5. The Canadian Competition Bureau is a world leader in thinking about antitrust compliance.

6. Most importantly, Netflix will stream Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Canada, not in U.S.

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