Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is there an anti-competitive non-compete between Duke and UNC Chapel Hill?

Inside Higher Ed reports on the controversy in the Research Triangle in the story Good Neighbors or Conspirators?  According to the story:

A new antitrust lawsuit alleges much more than a neighborly understanding between Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, however. The suit, brought against Duke by a medical faculty member there, rather alleges a binding no-hire agreement between the two Research Triangle institutions prevented her from getting a job at Carolina that otherwise would have been hers. The faculty member alleges there are others like her, and she’s proposed a class action.

Danielle Seaman, an assistant professor of radiology at Duke, says she’s been trying to get a job at Carolina for three years. She allegedly interviewed and was told by Carolina's chief of cardiothoracic imaging in 2015 that her otherwise strong chance had been rejected because the respective deans of the medical schools at Carolina and Duke had a few years earlier formally agreed to not hire faculty members between institutions at the same rank, in order to control faculty salaries.


Maybe the administrations of Duke and UNC should have asked some of these people for advice: Leslie Marx, Barak Richman and Andrew Chin.



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