Friday, June 19, 2015

Non-Competitive Potential in the Iranian Electricity Market

Ali Nazemi (University of Economic Sciences) and Anahita Farsaee (University of Economic Sciences) describe Non-Competitive Potential in the Iranian Electricity Market.

ABSTRACT:  The electricity markets worldwide have distinctive particularities due to some political and historical reasons. However, principal guidelines of market design remain very similar. The Iranian electricity market has been inaugurated as a pay-as-bid market in 2004. Although the Iranian electricity market has had positive consequences, the economic discussion about proper market design and architecture is in its infancy. The main goal of this paper is analyzing market power and efficiency in the Iranian electricity market.Generally, in spite of the fact that Iranian electricity market is not a high concentrated market, it has potential for non-competitive results. Analyzing results and other facts of the market shows that the most important reason for this is the urgent shortage of supply threshold in this market, rather than the extent of concentration in the industry.

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