Monday, April 27, 2015

Resale in Second-Price Auctions with Costly Participation

Gorkem Celik (Department of Economics, ESSEC Business School and THEMA Research Center, Cergy-Pontoise, France)  and Okan Yilankaya (Department of Economics, Koc University) analyze Resale in Second-Price Auctions with Costly Participation.

ABSTRACT:  We investigate efficiency properties of sealed-bid second-price auctions with costly participation and resale. Each bidder chooses to participate in the auction if her valuation is higher than her optimally chosen participation cutoff. If resale is not allowed and the bidder valuations are drawn from a strictly convex distribution function, the symmetric equilibrium (where all bidders use the same cutoff) is less efficient than a class of two-cutoff asymmetric equilibria. Existence of these equilibria without resale is sufficient for existence of similarly constructed two-cutoff equilibria with resale. Moreover, these equilibria with resale are more asymmetric and (under a sufficient con! dition) more efficient than the corresponding equilibria without resale.

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