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The 2014 year in review in antitrust books

2014 was a busy year for me with four edited books published.  This year there were:

The Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics Volume 1 (Oxford University Press 2014)


1. Rationales for Antitrust: Economics and Other Bases 
Daniel A. Crane

2. Antitrust Enforcement Regimes: Fundamental Differences
Keith N. Hylton

3. Economic Analysis of Antitrust Exemptions 
Peter Carstensen

4. Healthcare Provider and Payer Markets
Cory S. Capps and David Dranove

5. International Antitrust Institutions 
Oliver Budzinski

6. Competition Policy in Public Choice Perspective
Fred S. McChesney, Michael Reksulak, and William F. Shughart II

7. Antitrust Settlements
Daniel L. Rubinfeld

8. The Economics of Antitrust Class Actions
Roger D. Blair and Christine Piette Durrance

9. Behavioral Economics and Antitrust 
Mark Armstrong and Steffen Huck

10. Experimental Economics in Antitrust
Wieland Müller and Hans-Theo Normann

11. Optimal Antitrust Remedies: A Synthesis
William H. Page

12. Private Antitrust Enforcement in the United States and the European Union: Standing and Antitrust Injury
Jeffrey L. Harrison

13. Freedom to Trade and the Competitive Process
Aaron Edlin and Joseph Farrell


14. Monopoly and Dominant Firms: Antitrust Economics and Policy Approaches 
Lawrence J. White

15. Market Definition 
Louis Kaplow

16. Bilateral Monopoly: Economic Analysis and Antitrust Policy
Roger D. Blair and Christina DePasquale

17. Antitrust and the Economics of Networks
Daniel F. Spulber and Christopher S. Yoo

18. The Antitrust Analysis of Multi-Sided Platform Businesses 
David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee


19. Efficiency Claims and Antitrust Enforcement
Howard Shelanski

20. Unilateral Effects 
Bryan Keating and Robert D. Willig

21. Coordinated Effects: Evolution of Practice and Theory 
Jith Jayaratne and Janusz Ordover

22. Buyer Power in Merger Review
Dennis W. Carlton, Mary Coleman, and Mark Israel

23. Vertical Mergers 
Michael A. Salinger

Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics Volume 2 (Oxford University Press 2014)


1. A Framework for the Economic Analysis of Exclusionary Conduct
B. Douglas Bernheim and Randal Heeb

2. Predatory Pricing 
Kenneth G. Elzinga and David E. Mills

3. Raising Rivals' Costs 
David T. Scheffman and Richard S. Higgins

4. Predatory Buying
John E. Lopatka

5. Competitive Discounts and Antitrust Policy
Kevin M. Murphy, Edward A. Snyder, and Robert H. Topel

6. Squeezing Claims: Refusals to Deal, Essentials Facilities, and Price Squeezes
Barak Orbach and Raphael Avraham

7. Innovation and Antitrust Policy
Thomas F. Cotter

8. Continental Drift in the Treatment of Dominant Firms: Article 102 TFEU in Contrast to § 2 Sherman Act 
Pierre Larouche and Maarten Pieter Schinkel

9. Treatments of Monopolization in Japan and China
Ping Lin and Hiroshi Ohashi

10. Monopolization in Developing Countries 
Alberto Heimler and Kirtikumar Mehta

11. Business Strategy and Antitrust Policy 
Michael J. Mazzeo and Ryan C. McDevitt


12. Resale Price Maintenance of Online Retailing 
Benjamin Klein

13. Exclusive Dealing 
Howard Marvel

14. Tying Arrangements
Erik Hovenkamp and Herbert Hovenkamp

15. Vertical Restraints Across Jurisdictions 
Ralph A. Winter and Edward M. Iacobucci

16. Franchising and Exclusive Distribution: Adaptation and Antitrust 
Francine Lafontaine and Margaret E. Slade


17. Cartels and Collusion: Economic Theory and Experimental Economics 
Jay Pil Choi and Heiko Gerlach

18. Cartels and Collusion: Empirical Evidence 
Margaret C. Levenstein and Valerie Y. Suslow

19. Tacit Collusion in Oligopoly
Edward J. Green, Robert C. Marshall, and Leslie M. Marx

20. Auctions and Bid Rigging
Ken Hendricks, R. Preston McAfee, and Michael A. Williams 

21. Screening for Collusion as a Problem of Inference
Michael J. Doane, Luke M. Froeb, David S. Sibley, and Brijesh P. Pinto

22. Competition Policy for Industry Standards 
Richard Gilbert 

23. Antitrust Corporate Governance and Compliance 
Rosa M. Abrantes-Metz and D. Daniel Sokol 

Global Antitrust Compliance Handbook (Oxford University Press 2014)

  • Written with the specific aim of assisting firms in their global compliance efforts
  • Covers 43 jurisdictions across Europe, the Western Hemisphere, Asia and Pacific and Africa
  • Consistent chapter structure allows for easy comparison

Western Hemisphere 
1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. Canada
4. Chile
5. Colombia
6. Mexico
7. Peru
8. United States
Asia and Pacific 
9. Australia
10. China
11. Hong Kong
12. India
13. Israel
14. Japan
15. New Zealand
16. South Korea
17. Taiwan
18. Turkey
19. Austria
20. Czech Republic
21. Denmark
22. Estonia
23. European Union
24. Finland
25. France
26. Germany
27. Greece
28. Hungary
29. Ireland
30. Italy
31. Latvia
32. Lithuania
33. Netherlands
34. Norway
35. Poland
36. Portugal
37. Romania
38. Russia
39. Spain
40. Sweden
41. Switzerland
42. United Kingdom
43. South Africa

Competition and the State (Stanford University Press 2014)

Competition and the State analyzes the role of the state across a number of dimensions as it relates to competition law and policy across a number of dimensions. This book re-conceptualizes the interaction between competition law and government activities in light of the profound transformation of the conception of state action in recent years by looking to the challenges of privatization, new public management, and public-private partnerships. It then asks whether there is a substantive legal framework that might be put in place to address competition issues as they relate to the role of the state. Various chapters also provide case studies of national experiences. 


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