Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Most SSRN downloaded tenure stream Antitrust Law Professors of 2014

The Most SSRN Downloaded Tenure Stream (i.e., full time) Antitrust Law Professors of 2014.

Let me provide some caveats: I am counting the total number of downloads for the past 12 months only, not lifetime downloads. This means that not only antitrust articles but rather all articles get included. For a number of professors, many of the articles downloaded are not specifically in antitrust.  Further, some of these professors write in antitrust but do not teach it.


  1. Mark Lemley (Stanford)                    14,831
  2. Tim Wu (Columbia)                            7,011
  3. Herb Hovenkamp (Iowa)                   6,610
  4. Katheryn Spier (Harvard)                 4,048
  5. Josh Wright (George Mason)           3,781
  6. Robin Feldman (Hastings)                2,993
  7. Christopher Yoo (Penn)                     2,983
  8. Michael Carrier (Rutgers Camden) 2,947
  9. Maurice Stucke (Tennessee)             2,771
  10. Daniel Sokol (Florida)                        2,556
  11. David Hyman (Illinois)                      2,510
  12. Jorge Contreras (Utah)                      2,492
  13. Scott Hemphill (Columbia)               1,973
  14. Robert Lande (Baltimore)                 1,931
  15. Doug Ginsburg (George Mason)      1,764
  16. Spencer Waller (Chicago Loyola)     1,673
  17. Keith Hylton (Boston University)     1,477
  18. Louis Kaplow (Harvard)                     1,389
  19. Jonathan Baker (American)               1,329
  20. Barak Orbach (Arizona)                      1,219
  21. Michael Trebilcock (Toronto)            1,1,98

12/16/14 10pm: This is my first attempt. Invariably in scrolling down the long list of names I accidentally miss someone.  I promise that it is really an accident.  Please email me with any oversights and I will update the list.

12/17/14 9:50am: caveats added to the beginning of the post and the list has been updated.


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