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call for papers for forthcoming Clasf workshop on Friday 24 April 2015 at Lancaster Law School

Call for Papers

The Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLaSF)

Invite contributions to the XXIV CLaSF event (

Clasf Workshop on

  “Object and/or effects in Competition Law”

Lancaster Law School, Lancaster, Friday 24 April 2015


The Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLaSF) will be running a workshop on Friday 24th April 2015 at Lancaster University. The subject of the workshop will be the broad theme of 'Object and/or Effects in Competition Law'. We invite abstract paper proposals from researchers, scholars, practitioners and policy-makers in relation to any issue within this broad theme.  We welcome theoretical, economics-driven, practice-based or policy focused papers, and we are interested in receiving abstracts for papers which may be focused on perspectives or experience at national, regional (eg EU), or international levels, or a combination.


Recent decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union indicate that the 'battle for the soul of antitrust', between the those who advocate competition law being based on an approach focuses entirely on provable economic effects, and those which who put forward a system based on more formal and administrable legal rules, is still raging; in the Courts, before competition authorities, and in the literature. CLaSF is devoting its XXIVth event to this very broad topic. 


In particular, suggestions are invited in relation to the following matters:


*             The bifurcation of Art 101 TFEU into 'object' and 'effect' cases following Cartes Bancaires, Allianz and Expedia.

*             The 'modernisation' of the approach to abuse under Article 102 TFEU following the European Commission's 2009 Guidance on exclusionary abuses.

*             The reception of the Commission's Guidance by the Court of Justice in cases such as Intel, Telia Sonera and Post Danmark.

*             The tension between EU competition law's ordoliberal tradition and rise of the new 'orthodoxy' Chicago, and Post-Chicago antitrust economics.


Papers are invited from researchers, scholars, regulators and practitioners on any of these issues or other topics which fall generally within the broad theme of Object and/or Effects in Competition Law. Any person interested in presenting a paper at the workshop is asked to contact Angus MacCulloch at In the first instance an abstract is required of approximately 500-1000 words, a draft paper (and PPT presentation) is also required a week prior to the workshop.

Please submit your abstract by Friday February 20 2015.


Papers presented at the workshop can be submitted to the Competition Law Review editorial board with a view to being published in the Review. Note that the Review is a fully refereed scholarly law journal: Submission does not guarantee publication.

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