Monday, November 17, 2014

Antitrust Law Journal Volume 79 Issue 3 is now out

Volume 79 Issue 3

Acknowledgments: Volume 79



When The State Harms Competition—The Role for Competition Law Eleanor M. Fox and Deborah Healey




Editor’s Note: Robert Bork, Originalism, and And Bounded Antitrust Adam J. Di Vincenzo


The Tempting Of Antitrust: Robert Bork and the Goals of Antitrust Policy Daniel A. Crane


Out of control? Robert Bork’s portrayal of the U.S. Antitrust system in the 1970s William E. Kovacic


Was the Crisis In Antitrust A Trojan Horse? Barak Orbach


Bork’s Bowman: “Not Gone, but Forgotten” Richard Epstein


Antitrust Made (Too) Simple Christopher R. Leslie


Bork’s “Legislative Intent” And the Courts Douglas H. Ginsburg


Robert Bork’s Forgotten Role in the Transaction Cost Revolution Alan J. Meese


Robert Bork and Vertical Integration: Leverage, Foreclosure, and Efficiency Herbert Hovenkamp


The Transformation of Vertical Restraints: Per Se Illegality, The Rule of Reason, And Per Se Legality D. Daniel Sokol


Bork and Microsoft: Why Bork Was Right and What We Learn About Judging Exclusionary Behavior Harry First


Afterword: Lorain Journal and the Antitrust Legacy of Robert Bork Leon B. Greenfield

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