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Saturday, September 20, 2014

International Antitrust, Competition and International Trade

Every once in a while scholars (mostly from developing countries) ask about books on antitrust and international trade.  I recommend the following books:

F.M. Scherer, Competition Policies for an Integrated World Economy (Integrating National Economies: Promise & Pitfalls) (1994)

Kyle Bagwell & Robert W. Staiger The Economics of The World Trading System, MIT Press, 2002. (chapter 9)

Josef Drexl , Mor Bakhoum , Eleanor M. Fox , Michal S. Gal , David J. Gerber, Competition Policy And Regional Integration In Developing Countries (Elgar 2012)

Andrew Guzman, Cooperation, Comity, and Competition Policy (Oxford University Press 2010). 

There are also many wonderful articles but for some reason, people tend to ask about books.

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