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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Generic pharmaceuticals and competition

The OECD has collected work on Generic pharmaceuticals and competition.

Entry by generic pharmaceuticals can enhance competition in the drug market by offering more choice and by lowering drug prices to the benefit of health customers. At the same time, innovation in the pharmaceutical sector should be sustained, notably by allowing innovators to obtain intellectual property rights on their originator drug.

Competition concerns arise, however, when originator companies use their intellectual property rights to delay or to prevent generic entry. Some pharmaceutical companies are using new potentially anticompetitive strategies.

In June 2014 meeting, the OECD Competition Committee addressed recent developments regarding such strategies, building on earlier discussions (see 2009 Roundtable Proceedings). Participants have also looked at how competition law enforcement can contribute to enhancing effective competition in the pharmaceutical sector.

Panellists, papers and presentations

Contributions from participants

Romano Subiotto (Partner at Cleary Gottlieb)

The Implications of the Imperfect European Patent Enforcement System on the Assessment of Reverse Payment Settlements  | ppt


Scott Hemphill (Professor of Law, Columbia University) Unjustified Delays in Generic Drug Competition | ppt



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