Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sports and Antitrust Law

The ABA Section of antitrust Law has a new book on Sports and Antitrust Law.

BOOK ABTRACT: Sports and Antitrust Law presents a legal overview of sports-related topics and offers an exciting new resource on the most current cases and issues, both for the seasoned practitioner and the novice antitrust sports lawyer. This book provides a framework for understanding the ever-evolving area of sports law and its intersection with
antitrust law.

Sports and Antitrust Law addresses such topics as general sports-related antitrust principles, the history of sports law, and recurring issues in professional sports.

In six chapters, Sports and Antitrust Law examines the following topics:
Chapter I discusses exemptions, including the everevolving labor exemption most relevant to the major sports leagues.
Chapter II addresses the threshold issue of what is not covered by the Sherman Actnamely, non-commercial restraints and on-field rules and discipline.
Chapter III presents the basic analytical framework of the Sherman Acts application to the sports industry: the elements of Section 1 and Section 2 claims, the singleentity doctrine, and modes of analyses (per se, quick look, and full rule of reason for Section 1 cases and Section 2 analytical principles).
Chapter IV focuses on the application of these principles to specific recurring issues and subjects, including market definition, market power, and a number of challenged restraints (e.g., involving players, teams, equipment,
Chapter V explores sports issues in private litigation, including standing, class actions, injunctions, and damages.
Chapter VI discusses the development of sports antitrust law in Canada.

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