Friday, October 25, 2013

Worldwide Competition Database is Up and Running

Posted by William E. Kovacic, Marianela Lopez-Galdos & Elisa Ramundo, GW Competition
Law Center

The George Washington Law School Competition Law Center has created a Worldwide Competition Database containing a unique compilation of data on existing competition systems.  The database is user friendly supported by an interactive map. 

To date, the database compiles the relevant legislation for each of the competition systems approximately 120). More interestingly, the database contains an institutional profile summarizing the characteristics of existing competition authorities. Soon, GW CLC will add a competition enforcement profile for each competition system to complete the database.

This database is the result of a Benchmarking exercise that has focused on the major institutional
characteristics of competition systems. Most of the information published refers to 2012 data and has been reviewed by each of the relevant competition authorities.  GW expects to update the available data on a regular basis to incorporate the changes that have already occurred in 2013.

Stay tuned since GW CLC plans to publish for comments the results of the Benchmarking exercise that identifies the existing trends relating to institutional building in competition systems. This report is based on the 2012 data and will be broken down on a global, regional and GDP basis. If the antitrust community welcomes the study new versions will be out on an annual basis.

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