Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Review of Consumer Protection Law Developments

The ABA has published the 2013 Review of Consumer Protection Law Developments.

BOOK ABSTRACT: Consumer protection laws seek to correct a misimpression that a product or service has a greater value than it actually does and, by doing so, prevent consumer injury. Understanding this objective, however, is a good deal easier than understanding the many federal and state laws designed to accomplish it. Consumer Protection Law Developments, published in 2009 was a complete and detailed perspective on Consumer Protection laws, with emphasis on developments regarding federal, state, and international law, as well as industry self-regulation. This 2011 Supplement updated and summarized developments since the original edition was published, and this new 2013 Review contains all the updates since that edition. The 2013 Review of Consumer Protection Law Developments, provides a comprehensive update on consumer protection issues, including developments in federal and state enforcement, data security, privacy, advertising substantiation and self-regulation, Lanham Act and other private litigation, and international issues. The update also extensively covers changes to the consumer financial laws under Dodd-Frank and the newly-created consumer protection agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, providing detailed discussion of the CFPBs structure, jurisdiction, remedial powers, rulemaking and guidance, enforcement actions, and judicial review of the agencys actions.

Significant developments that are covered in this edition are:

•The FTCs issuance of the Green Guides for environmental marketing claims

•amendments to the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Rule

•advertising substantiation developments, including developments in the competent and reliable scientific evidence standard

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