Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Asia and Global Competition Law Convergence

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

David Gerber (Chicago Kent) has written on Asia and Global Competition Law Convergence.

ABSTRACT: Two topics have featured in discussions of transnational competition law over the last few years — the evolution of competition law in Asia and the global convergence of competition laws. The role of Asia, especially China, in global competition law development has attracted attention primarily because of the dramatically increased economic importance of the region and because of the resulting political and economic leverage that this economic importance has generated for the enforcement of the region’s competition laws. Convergence is a central topic because it represents what is widely considered to be the only currently viable strategy for global competition law development. Curiously, however, the relationship between these two topics is seldom a focus of examination. This chapter sketches elements of that relationship.

My objective here is to identify some of the factors in the dynamics of Asian competition law systems that may influence Asia’s role in convergence as a global strategy and thereby impact both the success of such a strategy and its shape. We focus here on decisions and on decisional influences — that is, factors that can be expected to influence decisions by relevant decision-makers.



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