Saturday, August 24, 2013

Antiust and Civil Rights - I Have a Dream 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King gave his famous speech, I Have a Dream, at the march on Washington.  Today's NY Times tells the story of a number of people who were at the Mall in DC that historic day.  One person profiled is Carole Handler, an antitrust-IP practitioner at Lathrope and Gage.

She recalls:

I did not expect the emotional impact of the day to be what it was. Instead of any sense of regimentation or fear, there was such an atmosphere of unity and spirituality and togetherness for the entire day. It was really amazing. I would look into people’s eyes, they would look into my eyes. There are very few experiences that could possibly parallel it.

At the 30th anniversaty of the speech, I was in college and marched on the Mall as part of a much smaller crowd (I went with my good friend from high school and college Adam Bass).  I remember that is was very hot that day and still very moving.  If you would have told me that day that in twenty years: 1. we would have a Black president, 2. that the President would have been my professor in law school, 3. or that I would even have thought about a career in law at all, I would have told you that you were crazy.

While antitrust might not be at the forefront of issues of race, it is at the forefront of issues of justice.  For many, antitrust is a way to right wrongs and to protect consumers.

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