Tuesday, February 19, 2013

William E. Kovacic: An Antitrust Tribute Liber Amicorum - Volume I

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Now out is WILLIAM E. KOVACIC: AN ANTITRUST TRIBUTE - LIBER AMICORUM (Vol. I), Editors: Nicolas Charbit - Elisa Ramundo - Anna Chehtova - Abigail Slater.

BOOK ABSTRACT: This Antitrust Tribute is a selection of 31 essays providing an insightful and original look at the antitrust law to which Prof. William E. Kovacic has contributed so much. This first volume, mainly covering issues of U.S. and European antitrust law, gathers articles by prominent authors among Professor Kovacic’s friends and colleagues. It is organized into two parts. Part I, entitled “An Antitrust Career”, consists of 9 papers that pay tribute to Kovacic as a man, professor, and public official. They offer an original as well as enthralling picture of his scholarship and public enforcement efforts. Part II, entitled “New Frontiers of Antitrust”, includes 22 articles covering different aspects of competition law, ranging from cartels in the U.S. and Europe to mergers analysis, private rights of action, antitrust settlements, etc. The overall result is a collective work that offers the opportunity to look over the antitrust world not only as a “cold” field of law, but also as a lively discipline to whose growth Prof. Kovacic has contributed greatly. Volume II will focus on the international career of William E. Kovacic and on international and bilateral antitrust issues.

I contributed a chapter along with Christine Wilson and Joe Nord titled Grading the Professor: Evaluating Bill Kovacic’s Contributions to Antitrust Engineering.


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