Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Antitrust Scholarship of 2012

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Best Antitrust Articles of 2012 - From Our Group of Experts (see here for the 2011 list)

  • Alberto Heimler (Italian School of Public Administration) - Antidumping and Market Competition: Implications for Emerging Economies, Chad P. Bown & Rachel McCulloch
  • Max Huffman (Indiana University) - The Simplicity of Antitrust, Richard Steuer
  • Salil Mehra (Temple) - A Capitalism for the People, Luigi Zingales
  • D. Daniel Sokol (University of Florida) - The Economics of Collusion: Cartels and Bidding Rigging, Robert C. Marshall and Leslie M. Marx; Loss Leading as an Exploitative Practice Zhijun Chen and Patrick Rey
  • Andreas Stephan (University of East Anglia) - The war on cartels and the social meaning of deterrence, Christine Parker
  • Spencer Waller (Chicago Loyola) - The Simplicity of Antitrust, Richard Steuer

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