Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reach Out to a Wide Audience

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The Taiwan FTC makes an effort to Reach Out to a Wide Audience.

ABSTRACT: Although the FTC has received individual satisfactory surveys from key audience members after each competition advocacy activity, and has published annual performance evaluations of its outreach program, it was concerned that the effectiveness of its competition advocacy intervention might not be completely reflected due to diverse evaluation criteria. In this context, the FTC called on an external expert in 2011 to assess the effectiveness of its competition advocacy and a survey was conducted, focusing on regulatory agencies that have received advices from the FTC as well as firms that have participated in advocacy events for competition in the past two years. The results of this survey are as follows:

1. 89 percent of target respondents from other governmental agencies agreed that suggestions and advices provided by the FTC are helpful for future decisions. 87 percent of respondents agreed that they would take FTC's advices into account when reviewing current policies, or use them as references for developing future policies.

2. 77 percent of target respondents from the business sector replies that they have a better understanding of competition laws after attending competition advocacy activities. More than 90 percent of respondents recognized that the outreach program could effectively assist business in building a corporate image of integrity and reducing the risk of competition law infringement. In response to this survey it is suggested that it would be of help if the outreach could be held in cooperation with business associations or industrial sectors.

Advocacy has been among the FTC's most important functions apart from law enforcement. The results of this outside report expressly show that the current outreach and competition advocacy programs have delivered a clear and consistent message to regulators, business, and consumers -that competition plays such a vital role in the market economy.

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