Monday, June 27, 2011

OFT Unveils Compliance Related Competition Internet Features

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The OFT has released a number of resources intended to help businesses to comply with competition law.  The press release is available here. The link to the competition law compliance webpage containing the various materials is here.


The materials published include the following:


  • Compliance guidance - OFT1341 'How your business can achieve compliance with competition law' - this is the updated version of our general guidance on compliance
  • Directors guidance - OFT1340 'Company directors and competition law' - this guidance document is specifically targeted at directors and explains the steps we consider individual directors should be taking to prevent, detect and bring to an end any infringements of competition law within their company, recognising the important role that directors play in establishing an effective competition law compliance culture
  • OFT Quick Guide -- 'Quick Guide to Competition Law Compliance' - this document contains a high level summary of the above two documents and may be particularly suitable for SMEs or individuals seeking an introduction to the topics.
  • The OFT 'Competition law compliance survey' - the results of a survey we undertook on competition law awareness and compliance
  • The OFT's Interactive compliance wheel - this is an online resource to help businesses to understand our suggested four step approach to effective competition law compliance
  • The OFT film -- 'Understanding Competition Law' - this is a new DVD which explains the basics of competition law and competition law compliance, it contains a dramatised dawn raid and may be useful for training business colleagues. The running time is around 15 minutes.

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