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Stability and Competition in Banking after the Financial Crisis

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol



The UCL Jevons Institute for Competition Law and Economics is pleased to announce that Sir John Vickers will be opening its 2011 Colloquium Debate on

Stability and Competition in Banking after the Financial Crisis
A debate over structural and behavioural remedies in banking in the light of the Independent Banking Commission's Interim Report 

on 8 June 2011 from 4 - 7.30pm at UCL's Faculty of Laws

Speaker include Sir John Vickers (ICB),  John Fingleton (OFT), Gert-Jan Koopman (European Commission), Clive Maxwell (OFT), Abel Mateus (New University of Lisbon), Charles Goodhard CBE FBA (LSE), and Vicky Pryce (FTI) 

This event is accredited with 2 .5 CPD hours by the SRA and BSB

Sign up online for your place by clicking on the links below or go to:  

Standard Ticket £40 (discounts for UCL alumni)
Academics, Government Departments, NGO and Students are free of charge.  


About this event:
The recent deep financial crisis has resulted in the search for measures that could reduce the risk of a recurrence. Many have looked at whether banks tend to take on risks that the general public ends up bearing and whether regulations should reduce these negative externalities. Some have called for breaking banks up, raising capital standards, charging them for the risks they create, or impose various rules that prevent banks from creating too much systemic risk. Others have questioned whether the extent to which banking practices were really responsible for the crisis or whether the proposed constraints on banks impose more costs on banks than they are worth such as perhaps reducing bank lending that stimulates economic group. While financial regulators have been most focused on reform competition authorities are also increasingly focused on banking and, among other things, are considering the relati! onship between market structure, business practices, and system risk.


The recently released interim report by the Independent Commission on Banking, chaired by Sir John Vickers, is one of the latest attempts to consider these difficult issues. It proposed significantly increased capital requirements on banks and some fencing off of retail banking from riskier operations.


This conference brings together antitrust and financial regulation experts, including key current or former regulators from the UK and EU, to discuss these issues. 


You are invited to the following event:
Debate on the Stability and Competition in Banking after the Financial Crisis

Wednesday, June 08, 2011 from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM (GMT)

UCL Faculty of Laws - Graduate Wing
1 - 2 Endsleigh Gardens
WC1 London
United Kingdom



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