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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Quantitative Analysis of Olive Oil Market in the North-West Italy

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Francesco Diotallevi, University of Perugia - Department of Economics and Food sciences, Andrea Marchini, University of Perugia, Linda Fioriti, University of Perugia, and Rossella Pampanini, University of Perugia provide A Quantitative Analysis of Olive Oil Market in the North-West Italy.

ABSTRACT: The problem of the competitiveness of the agricultural products has always animated the analyses of the agricultural economists. At the present, them competitive context is influenced from two phenomena of bottom: the progressive increase of the markets segmentation process, fed from the productive differentiation of the enterprises, and the crescent communicative weight of the products in the shelves of the GDO, exalted from the policies of merchandising feeding.

Such phenomena feed complex competitive interdependences between the various trade categories and between the various brands inside of the category.

The extravirgin olive oil, in virtue of the maturity level of its market, shows several peculiarities: it is introduced as a system burdened from secular problems of structural type that need of able participations to give back to force and competitiveness, in this moment that the consumption, is assumed, could increase. In so far as, a provisional support on which is the levers in order to render own market the best regarding the competitors, finds a remarkable interest, especially with the parallel use of a recent source of information (scanner date).

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