Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great Video on the Dutch Construction Cartel

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Everybody should make a documentary on cartels this good.  The Dutch Construction Cartel, produced by the current affairs program Zembla and Voiceover by Marc Chase.

Documentary film "The Dutch Construction Cartel"

This documentary film is a compilation of four 45 minutes episodes of the Dutch current affairs television program Zembla that exposed widespread collusion in the Dutch construction sector. The first documentary, which first aired in 2001, was based on detailed whistleblower information. It instigated a Parliamentary Inquiry (2002-2003) into the building industry. Many companies admitted to the existence of price agreements, but argued that their side-payments were only "monopoly money" and standard business practice. Several leading politicians and high government officials were allegedly involved. Antitrust damages were estimated in the billions of euros. The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) sanctioned over 1400 companies, many of them receiving substantial leniency discounts. Many key players in business, public administration and politics escaped unscathed. In contrast, the main whistleblower was prosecuted by the state and was forced to live in a camper. This 1 hour compilation for an international audience, with English subtitles and voice-overs, was edited in a coproduction with the Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics (ACLE). Director: Jos van Dongen.

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