Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pitfalls in Vertical Arrangements

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Gianpaolo Rossini, University of Bologna - Department of Economics and Cecilia Vergari, University of Bologna - Department of Economics discuss Pitfalls in Vertical Arrangements.

ABSTRACT: A popular way of obtaining essential inputs requires the establishment of an input production joint venture (IPJV) in the upstream (U) section of the vertical chain of production by firms competing and selling …final goods in the downstream (D) section of the vertical chain. In spite of the apparently simple arrangement there are many possible governances for the management of the IPJV according to the ownership structure and to the degree of delegation granted to the IPJV by parent …firms. We explore the best sustainable governance arrangement for the IPJV. We address this question in a duopoly framework and we …find a large area of impossible vertical arrangements associated with technological asymmetry. The most likely governance of the vertical arrangement associated to the IPJV is total independence.

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