Friday, October 22, 2010

DG Competition Qualiative Stakeholder Survey Report is Out

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

DG Competition has carried out for the first time a comprehensive stakeholder survey about its activities. The survey was in two parts: an in-depth qualitative survey targeting professional stakeholders and a broad and general survey of EU citizens. Both surveys were carried out by independent market research companies.

Qualitative Eurobarometer survey about the perceived quality of DG Competition's actions

This survey was based on in-depth interviews, carried out in early 2010 by TNS qual+ among lawyers, companies, economic consultants, business and consumer associations, Member States' ministries as well as national competition authorities who have directly contributed to the work of DG Competition in recent years. The results consist of seven individual reports reflecting each stakeholder group's specific views, as well as an aggregate report summarizing the results of the individual surveys.

  • DG Competition Stakeholder Study - Aggregate Report en fr de
  • Stakeholder Report - Companies en
  • Stakeholder Report - Lawyers en
  • Stakeholder Report - Economic consultancies en
  • Stakeholder Report - Business Associations en
  • Stakeholder Report - Consumer Associations en
  • Stakeholder Report - Member States Ministries en
  • Stakeholder Report - National Competition Authorities en

Quantitative Flash Eurobarometer study about EU citizens' perception about competition policy

This survey was carried out by phone among 25,000 citizens by Gallup Hungary in November 2009 in all EU Member States.

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