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Competitive Markets for Achieving Growth and Development in West Africa

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Competitive Markets for Achieving Growth and Development in West Africa
Thursday, 11th November 2010
Venue: Room XXIII, Palais de Nations, Geneva
Time: 1330hrs to 1430hrs

CUTS has implemented a two-year project entitled, ‘Strengthening Constituencies For Effective Competition Regimes in Select West African Countries’ (referred to as the 7Up4 project, www.cuts-ccier.org/7up4) in seven countries of West Africa – Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo. The findings from the research undertaken to assess the state of competition regimes in the seven countries has been summarised into publication of a short report:  Competitive Markets for Achieving Growth and Development in West Africa, available in both English and French languages.

This report highlights challenges and opportunities for competition reforms which would be of interest to experts and practitioners on the subject from within the region and beyond. It also highlights how impediments to competition have restricted benefits that could have accrued to these countries from the liberalisation process. It advocates the need for national stakeholders (state and non-state actors) to take prompt and lasting actions that would promote a competition culture in these countries. It also tries to attract the attention of the international community for supporting these countries in their efforts for competition reforms.

We have invited Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary General of UNCTAD to grace the occasion and release the report.

Noted international competition expert, Frederic Jenny would be present and highlight some of the urgent challenges for competition reforms in the region, while Philippe Brusick, Chairman, CUTS Geneva Resource Centre will speak about his own experience of working on this challenging project.

CUTS International Secretary General, Pradeep S Mehta would speak about CUTS long term experience in implementing these challenging yet extremely motivating initiatives in Africa and our future plans.

All delegates attending the “6TH UN CONFERENCE TO REVIEW THE SET ON COMPETITION POLICY” are cordially invited. Sandwiches and refreshments would be offered.

For further info, please contact:
Rijit Sengupta, rsg@cuts.org, +91-9829285928
Rashid Kaukab, rsk@cuts.org, +41792024112


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