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Building Institutions for Development: CADE's Internship Program

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

The International Advisor at CADE has asked me to post the following:

CADE's Internship Program (


Since mid 1990's the Brazilian Antitrust Authority (CADE) successfully holds a biannual Internship Program. In each term of the program students from all over the country experience the daily life of one of the most important Antitrust Authorities in Latin America. During their month in Brasília, students have both practical and theoretical contact with antitrust law and policy, for they get involved in the major challenges of the country practice in competition law. Students are selected after a competitive selection procedure in which meritocracy plays a leading role. Since its very beginning, PinCADE (CADE's Internship program) is known for your excellence in providing useful training in antitrust law for students willing to learn it and practice afterwards.


The XXX Edition (July 2010) has attained an outstanding accomplishment. After a thoroughly planning and reformulation of the program three goals have been defined: diversity, meritocracy and internationalization. In all of them is this thirtieth edition overwhelmingly successful.


To begin with, for the first time since its creation the program receives students from 14 Brazilian States, it means more than 50% of the entire Federation.


Secondly professional and academic merit became the criteria to choose participants to the internship.


Lastly the program became an international venture, having special importance in Latin America. Since 2009 14 countries already sent representatives to the program and the last edition counts with authorities from eight countries.


International though are not only the participants but also the teachers that shall deliver lectures along the program. Professor George L. Priest from Yale Law School is expected to lecture about economic growth and antitrust law; US FTC Commissioner William E. Kovacic shall lecture on legal reform and antitrust in Latin America. The head of the Portuguese Competition Authority Manuel Sebastião and the Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Competition Bureau Michael Sullivan will also hold a talk with the interns. The program now spreads its importance to Latin America and receives contributions to its improvement from all over the world.


Those are a few reasons why the internship program constitutes one of the most powerful tools of the Brazilian Antitrust Authority to broaden and disseminate the competition culture along the country. It represents also a very important mechanism able to shape Brazilian development toward a fair and long standing development cycle.


In this context CADE's internship program constitutes a an important contribution to the efforts to create adequate institutions to enhance and promote development in Brazil.


Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions. 


Thank you very much.


Yours sincerely,


José Antonio Ziebarth.


José Antonio Batista de Moura Ziebarth

International Advisor

Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica – CADE

Brazilian Competition Tribunal

SCN Quadra 2 Projeção "C"

CEP 70712-902 - Brasília – DF - Brasil

Tel.: (55) (61) 3221.8404 – Fax: (55) (61) 3221-8589

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