Monday, May 10, 2010

Best of the Best: Top Female Antitrust Economics and Law Professors

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Like any list, this is probably under-inclusive.  For every person selected, there is someone else deserving of a spot.  However, I tried to make an All Star Team that spanned people across the globe based on scholarly impact in the field of antitrust law and economics.  Let me qualify the list by noting that there is an English language bias to it.  The bias is more pronounced in law than in economics as law suffers from a lack of consensus "A" journals.  Because antitrust law is far more localized than antitrust economics, I have tried to allow for greater geographic diversity among law professors.  For this reason, I also include not more than three professors from any given jurisdiction. The goal was to include full time faculty. 


Caron Beaton-Wells (University of Melbourne)

May Fong Cheong (University of Malaysia)

Paula Forgiani (University of Sao Paolo)

Eleanor Fox (NYU)

Michal Gal (University of Haifa)

Hillary Greene (UConn)

Laurence Idot (University of Paris)

Alison Jones (Kings College)

Val Korah (UCL)

Marina Lao (Seton Hall)

Imelda Maher (University College Dublin)

Catherine Prieto (University of Paris)

Heike Schweitzer (Mannheim)

Brenda Sufrin (University of Bristol)

Masako Wakui (Osaka City University)

Xiaoye Wang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Up and Coming

Pinar Akman (University of East Anglia)

Arianna Andreangeli (University of Liverpool)

Anu Bradford (University of Chicago)

M. Elina Cruz (Catholic University of Chile)

Kati Cseres (University of Amsterdam)

Yanbei Meng (Renmin University)

Kasturi Moodaliyar (University of the Witwatersrand)

Ruohong Chen (Beijing Foreign Studies University)

Anne-Lise Sibony (University of Liege)


Susan Athey (Harvard)

Cecile Aubert (University of Bordeaux)

Emmanuelle Auriol (Toulouse School of Economics)

Meaghan Busse (Kellogg)

Judith Chevalier (Yale)

Leemore Dafny (Kellogg)

Elizabeth Farina (University of Sao Paolo)

Nancy Gallini (University of British Columbia)

Penny Goldberg (Princeton)

Justine Hastings (Yale)

Francine Lafontaine (University of Michigan)

Margaret Levenstein (University of Michigan)

Julie Mortimer (Harvard)

Nancy Rose (MIT)

Suzanne Scotchmer (Berkeley)

Fiona Scott Morton (Yale)

Margaret Slade (University of British Columbia)

Valerie Suslow (University of Michigan)

Reinhilde Veugeleurs (KU Leuven)

Catherine Waddams (University of East Anglia)

Up and Coming

Yuliya Bolotova (University of Idaho)

Ying Fan (University of Michigan)

Chiara Fumagalli (Bocconi)

Katherine Ho (Columbia)

Mara Lederman (University of Toronto)

Guanming Shi (University of Wisconsin)

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